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Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Consider an Emergency Dental Treatment

Jul 27, 2020

When a dental emergency occurs undergoing immediate oral treatment ensures that you preserve your natural tooth functions. You minimize the risk of having further complications, alleviate pain, and retain your tissue and your overall wellbeing.

It’s essential to seek immediate treatment from your dentist in case you have a dental emergency. Your dental practitioner will examine your oral tissues and determine whether you need urgent treatment.

What’s Considered a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are a result of acute trauma in your mouth. You need to seek immediate treatment if you experience severe pain, excessive bleeding, or an injury in your mouth.

Urgent care will ensure your oral tissues are preserved from further damage or dental complications. Loose fillings knocked-outs teeth require immediate medical attention. You need to visit the dentist near you if you have a severe oral infection.

Common Dental Emergencies the Dentist near You Can Handle

Your Emergency Dentist in Pearland, TX, has extensive knowledge in handling various dental emergencies, they include:

Severe Bleeding of Oral Tissues

Bleeding from your oral tissues is an indication of an injury or a severe infection, and you need to seek immediate treatment. Gingivitis may lead to bleeding of your gums and teeth. The condition is critical and requires immediate treatment. You need to control bleeding, and undergo diagnosis to identify the underlying dental issues urgently.

Knocked-Out Teeth

If you knock-out your teeth, seek immediate treatment from the emergency dentist near you. Once you have a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth remain unstable, leading to further complications of jaw bone loss.

You need a replacement to ensure that your teeth are stable and repositioned. A timely appointment will enable your dentist to save your tooth and preserve your dental tissues from further severe conditions.

Dental Abscess

Your pulp cavity may swell and produce pus due to a dental abscess. The condition is caused by bacteria, due to build-up of plaque between your teeth. Our dentist in Pearland may advise you to use pain relievers before undergoing a root canal procedure. If the infected tissue remains untreated, you are likely to lose your jaw bone and suffer from chronic dental issues.

Chipped or Cracked Tooth

Fractured teeth cause facial swelling and severe pain. Pain relievers are helpful, but the pain will recur. It would help if you visited an emergency dentist to handle the issue. An icepack can be applied to reduce the pain.

Extreme Dental Pain

Severe cavities cause pain in your mouth. You may experience sensitivity when consuming certain foods or beverages because your teeth roots are exposed. Tooth decay is a threat to your oral tissues and may lead to infections. It would help if you had urgent treatment to avoid further damage.

Essential Tips You Need to Employ During Dental Emergencies

  • Rinse your mouth with salty water to relieve toothaches. Gently floss your teeth to remove any food that may be lodged between them which could lead to infections.
  • Gently remove objects that stick in your oral tissues, and don’t use sharp objects that may cause further damage.
  • If you accidentally knock out your tooth, make sure that you keep it moist. Place it back to its socket gently, without touching its roots, and seek immediate treatment to save your permanent tooth.
  • In case you accidentally bite your lips or tongue, clean it immediately and use a cold pack to prevent inflammation.

Your dentist in Pearland, TX, may recommend the following precautions, to avoid dental injuries:

  • Avoid cutting objects using your teeth.
  • Place mouth guard over your teeth during rigorous activities.
  • Regulate the intake of sugary foods, hard candy, or chewing ice, which may lead to cracked teeth.

It would be best to seek immediate treatment when faced by a dental injury to ensure that you save your teeth and preserve your oral tissues.

How We Handle Emergency Dental Care in Pearland, TX

At Afroz Burges DDS, PA, we have experienced specialists who handle dental emergencies involving mouth trauma, and injury on your oral tissues. Our dentist in Pearland, TX, works on a 24-7 hour’s schedule.

Dental emergencies can be life-threatening and need immediate dental treatment to ensure that all your dental tissues are preserved. In case you have a knocked-out tooth, inflammation on your jaws, bleeding from your mouth, or have loose fillings, visit our dental practitioners at Pearland, TX, for emergency treatment.



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