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Partials and Dentures in Pearland, TX

Although dentists try to preserve teeth when they can, sometimes getting teeth pulled and choosing to get partials or dentures from a dentures care center is the best option. Untreated tooth decay can wreak havoc in your mouth, causing multiple cavities, infections, and abscesses that can lead to intense pain, and the poisoning of the bloodstream. Here is what you can expect when you choose partials and dentures from a denture center near me.

Preparing for Artificial Teeth

Before you can get a partial plate or a full set of dentures in Pearland, TX, one of our dentists at Afroz Burges, DDS, PA will examine and evaluate the condition of your teeth. Doing this can help determine if you only need to replace the teeth on the bottom or top, or if a full set of dentures is the best option.

After making this decision, he or she will take an impression of your mouth to send to the laboratory to render a model of your new teeth. Then, our dentist will work with you to decide on how your teeth should look.

Getting Your New Teeth

If several teeth need removing to fit the partial plate or dentures, our dentist in Pearland, TX, have professional relationships with many dental specialists and may recommend you to an oral surgeon to remove all your teeth at once. After pulling them, you may receive temporary dentures in Pearland, TX, until your permanent ones are ready, or you could receive your permanent ones to wear.

The initial discomfort should recede after a couple of weeks, and our experienced dentist will evaluate your mouth to ensure it’s healing properly and check the dentures for fit. At that time, they can adjust their fit or line them for your comfort.

If you’re getting a partial, then you should continue your normal schedule for seeing our dentist at Afroz Burges, DDS, PA to care for your natural teeth. Although you won’t have teeth to care for if you have a full set of dentures, you still need to take care of your gums.

Taking Care of Mouth

Keep your dentures clean, and after putting them to soak at night, gently clean your gums and mouth. You can use a damp washcloth or soft-bristled brush with fluoride toothpaste or gel to remove food debris and bacteria.

Follow that up with mouthwash or rinse that will also freshen your breath as it removes bacteria. Bacteria can still cause problems in your mouth, so it’s vital to take care of your mouth and gums. You can get full and partial dentures near you in Brookside Village, Shadow Creek Ranch, Fresno, or other areas that surround us by visiting our office in Pearland, TX.

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