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What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix and their Solutions

Jul 26, 2022

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix?

If you damage your teeth in any way, it’s important to address it as soon as possible because broken teeth do not support good oral health. Also, if you damage your front teeth, people can see the damage when you smile. You don’t want to feel self-conscious when you smile, so you might want to consider cosmetic dentistry to find a solution for the damages.  

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry states that due to advanced technology, cosmetic dental procedures range from color correction to replacing missing teeth- and everything in-between.

Six Front Teeth Flaws & How Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Them

Below, we’ll look at 6 common front teeth flaws and how cosmetic dentistry can help.

Stained/Discolored Teeth

What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix

The most common dental problem addressed in cosmetic dentistry is stained/discolored teeth. Over the years, your teeth become discolored due to aging, smoking, certain medications, and stain-causing foods/beverages.

Unfortunately, no matter how good you are at brushing and flossing, your teeth may still appear to be yellowed. This makes you look less attractive and even unhealthy. On the other hand, a white smile looks nice and makes you look healthy. Plus, it can take attention away from other smile flaws.

How to Fix Stained/Discolored Teeth

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Fix an Overbite

An overbite is often due to Irregularly shaped/uneven teeth.

Irregularly shaped/uneven teeth can be due to a variety of things, including teeth grinding, genetics, TMJ disorder or functional bite issues.

Teeth which are disproportionate to your face, can cause wrinkles because your jaw and facial structure are not supported. This makes you look much older than you actually are.

How to Fix Irregularly Shaped/Uneven Teeth

If your teeth are irregularly shaped/uneven, you can consult with a cosmetic dentist to determine the root cause and, depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for the following:

Cracked/Broken Teeth

Even if they are not hurting or causing problems right now, cracked/broken teeth need to be addressed right away. When you have cracked/broken teeth, they are likely to break further, and they are more vulnerable to decay. For this, you need an emergency dentist. Plus, your risk of losing the whole tooth is increased- whether it naturally falls out or you need to have it extracted.

How to Fix Cracked/Broken Teeth

When it comes to fixing cracked/broken teeth, you have a few different options and if you act swiftly, you may be able to save the tooth and avoid extraction or root canal treatment. Here are some options for addressing cracked/broken teeth:

  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Dental crowns
  • Root canals
  • Dental implants (if the tooth is missing or requires extraction)


Crooked Teeth

Most of the time, the reason people want to fix crooked teeth is for aesthetics- they want a smile they love. Another reason people want to fix crooked teeth is that they are more difficult to keep clean, which may result in cavities and decayed teeth, missing teeth, fillings, gum disease, and root canals. The dental braces will help you align the crooked teeth.

How to Fix Crooked Teeth

  • Braces
  • Invisalign clear aligners
  • Porcelain veneers

Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth are another common dental issue and can be the result of injury, using teeth to open bottles/packages, eating hard foods, and a variety of other reasons. The good thing is, there are several options for treating your chipped teeth and the sooner you address the problem, the more options you have for fixing them.

How to Fix Chipped Teeth

When it comes to fixing chipped teeth, there are three options:

  • Dental crown
  • Cosmetic bonding
  • Porcelain veneers

Gapped Teeth

The final front teeth flaw we’ll look at is gapped teeth. You may have them naturally, due to genetics or you may have developed them because you’re not wearing your retainer as directed. Any size gap can causes issues because food can get stuck between your teeth, which may result in harmful bacteria infecting your teeth and gums.

How to Fix Gapped Teeth

There are two ways that you can fix gapped teeth:

How does Cosmetic Dentistry Fix Front Dental Issues?

Cosmetic dentistry is also referred to as esthetic dentistry. At this time, the American Dental Association, or ADA, has not clearly defined this area of dentistry. The industry has defined it though: it is a method of dentistry that improves and supports the patient’s smile and self-confidence. There are many reasons that a beautiful smile and strong teeth are necessary- both aesthetically and for your overall health.

An attractive smile has an effect on your oral health, as well as your overall physical and mental health. Your smile is the very first thing people see- don’t you want to make a good impression? Therefore, if you have any of these front teeth flaws, it’s important to have them addressed as soon as possible.

Common cosmetic dental procedures include:

  • Porcelain veneers
  • Teeth whitening

Treatments that offer restorative benefits, but are also under the umbrella of cosmetic dentistry include:

If you have dental issues, consider some of these cosmetic dental procedures to address them. Cosmetic dentistry can change your life for the better. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation. We would love the opportunity to show you what we can do to restore your smile and confidence.

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The above are just a few of the most common types of front teeth flaws and the best cosmetic procedures for dealing with them. Dr. Burges is one of the most preferred cosmetic dentists and believes that you deserve to have a smile you love.

If these dental issues have taken away your confidence and your smile, and ultimately, your oral health, you need to address them. Now that you know what your options are for fixing your front teeth flaws, you need to schedule your consultation so that you can find out which one is most appropriate for your situation, your timeline, your overall smile goals, and your budget.

We can work with your insurance company to determine coverage and we accept a variety of payments, including cash, credit, and third-party financing.



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