Tooth Extraction in Pearland, TX

Of course, everyone wants to retain their natural teeth for as long as possible. Additionally, our staff at Afroz Burges DDS, PA wants to ensure that those teeth remain strong and healthy. There are times, however, when our quality dental treatment will not be enough for restoring health to the teeth. In those cases, dental extraction will be recommended. While it may sound a bit scary, a tooth extraction in Pearland, TX is nothing to fear and will actually benefit your oral health.

Why is an Extraction Needed?

We will do everything we can to restore health to your teeth at Afroz Burges DDS, PA. We are proud to offer several restorative treatments to accomplish this. However, sometimes, a tooth can threaten the health of the teeth next to it or the health of the gums. This happens when a tooth has developed a cavity that has advanced to the dental pulp. If a root canal is not able to remove the decay and restore health to the tooth, it will need to be removed before more serious issues develop, like an abscess or infection. Extraction is also recommended for impacted teeth. Most often, this occurs when the wisdom teeth come in. Crowded teeth are another reason why a tooth extraction would be necessary. If there is not enough room for the teeth to fit comfortably, or orthodontic treatment is planned, your dentist will need to extract one or more.

How is an Extraction Performed?

There are two types of tooth extraction in Pearland, TX. If the tooth has fully erupted and your dentist at our dental office near you in Pearland, TX, has easy access to it, a simple extraction can be performed. A local anesthetic will be applied to ensure your comfort for the procedure before the tooth is gripped and loosened using dental tools. When it has become loose enough, your dentist can remove it from the gums.

If the tooth has not yet fully erupted, or if it is harder to access, your endodontist in Pearland, TX, will need to perform a surgical extraction. Again, a local anesthetic will be used, possibly along with another form of sedation (such as IV sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the procedure) before your dentist makes an incision into the gums. Once the tooth can be reached, it will be loosened and extracted.

You can count on our team at Afroz Burges DDS, PA to handle your tooth extraction in Pearland, TX, with care. Our services are available for persons residing in Brookside Village, Fresno, Shadow Creek Ranch, and all other areas neighbouring our office. Call us now to book an appointment with our dentist and know more about wisdom tooth extraction in Pearland, TX.

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