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Six Month Smiles in Pearland, TX

We can correct minor misalignments quickly- as little as six months in many cases.
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Dr. Burges understands that your time is important and with traditional braces and Invisalign taking a year or more to work, we wanted to bring something else to the table that would solve your problem quicker. That’s why we offer SIX MONTH SMILES. This is a system that general dentists can offer patients to correct minor misalignments quickly, as little as six months in many cases.

Depending on the level of your misalignment, it may take up to 10 months, but that’s still significantly shorter than traditional orthodontic treatments.


The first step in the process is the same as other treatment options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Burges and the team. We will take x-rays and photos to determine if you are a candidate for SIX MONTH SMILES. If we feel you could benefit from this treatment, we’ll take impressions of your teeth and then send them to the lab so they can create your treatment plan.

Once your treatment plan has been created, it will be shipped back to the office, at which time we’ll schedule an appointment for you to review your plan and try on your aligners. You will need to wear them for 22 hours a day. You can remove them to eat, drink, and brush your teeth.

You will also need to clean your aligners every day and rinse them with water after meals. We may provide you with additional instructions, based on your personal treatment plan. Over the next 4 to 10 months, the aligners will gradually move your teeth to the appropriate position. Once treatment has finished, you’ll be required to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position, just as you would with other treatments.

Advantages & Disadvantages of SIX MONTH SMILES

Just as with any orthodontic treatment option, there are advantages and disadvantages:


  • Treatment time is shorter- an average of 6 months- other treatments take a year or more
  • Cost-effective- average cost is $3,500 to $5,000- which is cheaper than other options
  • Less visibility- made with Zendura®FLX™, which is flexible for added comfort but firm enough to move teeth. Plus, the edges are scalloped, reducing visibility
  • Clear aligners and clear braces can be combined to create a personalized plan
  • Ideal for patients who have relapsed from other treatments and need some help realigning their teeth


  • Does not work for severe misalignments
  • More affordable than many other in-office treatments, but still costs more than in-home aligner options


Dr. Burges understands that orthodontic treatment is a major investment, so you want to be sure that the treatment you choose will be effective. While this solution is not appropriate for severe misalignments, they are still effective for adults who would like to quickly correct minor crowding/spacing issues and since it’s an in-office treatment, we will regularly evaluate your progress.

This is an expedited cosmetic treatment for minor issues- so if you have a severe misalignment, including bite issues, this may not be an appropriate option. However, if you have minor crowding or spacing issues or you’ve had braces in the past and have had some shifting since treatment ended, SIX MONTH SMILES may be appropriate for you. If you have more complex issues, we’ll recommend Invisalign or traditional braces.

This is an in-office treatment, so you will need to schedule regular check-ups so that we can monitor your progress. You should also feel free to bring up any questions or concerns you have about your treatment at these appointments. This will allow us to make necessary modifications to your treatment if things are not going as expected.

However, it is important to note that while SIX MONTH SMILES is effective for most patients, in some cases, the results are not as dramatic as expected.


For many patients, orthodontic treatment may be hard to afford- but SIX MONTH SMILES is more affordable than most of the other in-office aligners and most dental insurance plans will cover at least part of the cost. The average cost of SIX MONTH SMILES is $3,500 to $5,000. Your final cost depends on the severity of your misalignment and the length of your treatment.

The cost of SIX MONTH SMILES is cheaper than other in-office treatments but may still be more expensive than at-home options. However, if you want to work closely with a dentist, it may be worth the investment. If you can’t afford to pay for treatment up front, SIX MONTH SMILES does have a financing plan to stretch out your payments. Financing starts at $399 down and $89 per month and everyone is approved.

At Dr. Afroz Burges, DDS, PA, Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we also offer our own in-house financing for braces, and we accept CareCredit as well. You can discuss your financial situation with our office staff to find the best solution for you.


Another problem that many patients have with orthodontic treatment is the time commitment that it requires. For example, traditional braces require you to visit the office once a month for tightening and you will be required to wear them for 18 to 24 months- and some patients have worn braces for as long as 36 months.

You will still need to come into the office regularly with SIX MONTH SMILES, but since treatment time is no more than 10 months, you won’t have nearly as many appointments to commit to.

Traditional in-office treatments can correct severe misalignments but take much longer, while SIX MONTH SMILES patients can see results within 6 months, which is similar to in-home options. This is primarily because severe issues take longer to correct due to their severity and SIX MONTH SMILES correct minor issues. 


Most adults would prefer to have a treatment that isn’t obvious. Clear aligners are transparent, so they are almost invisible- and SIX MONTH SMILES aligners are just as discreet. In fact, according to their website, SIX MONTH SMILES aligners are exceptionally clear.

SIX MONTH SMILES aligners are made with medical-grade plastic, like the other aligners on the market. Unlike other aligners, these are cut to the shape of your gum line, which means they are less visible. It is important to note that these aligners are shiny compared to the other options.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are a teen or adult with minor misalignment, schedule your consultation today with Dr. Afroz Burges to find out if SIX MONTH SMILES is appropriate for you. We will take x-rays and photos of your teeth and discuss your needs and goals. If it is determined that this is the most appropriate course of action, we’ll make impressions of your teeth and send your information to the lab.

We’ll have your treatment plan back in the office within 1 to 2 weeks. At that time, we’ll schedule a time for you to come in and try your aligners.

The easy startup process and shorter treatment time make SIX MONTH SMILES a great choice for teen and adult patients with mild-to-moderate misalignments.

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