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Root Canal in Pearland, TX

Cavities don’t always cause pain in their early stages, so you may not know you have one if you don’t regularly visit a dentist. Some cavities can go undetected until one of your teeth sustains significant damage.

Often the damage can get deep into the tooth before you have any symptoms. However, by then, you need to go to one of our dentists Afroz Burges who specializes in root canals. Having a root canal can help save your tooth.

How Root Canals Are Performed

It’s essential to remove decay from a tooth, but when it’s inside, the dentist will need to open it to expose the tooth’s pulp, nerves, and canals. Fortunately, this procedure is easier to do with the modern dental technology that our dentist has on hand. Instead of using a dental drill to open the tooth, our dentist uses laser technology that uses intensive light energy to open the tooth effortlessly. Then using the same instrument, our dentist can clean the decay from the inner tissues, sterilize, and reshape the canals without using the tiny files that they have in the past. After reshaping the canals, the laser can also fill the tooth until a dental crown is ready to be placed over the tooth to protect it. Since the laser emits light energy to perform this procedure, sedation may not be necessary because it becomes a virtually pain-free process.
Root Canal Treatment In Pearland, TX

Attaching the Crown

After taking digital impressions, the results are sent to a dental lab where the crown will be created. It will take up to six weeks for the completed crown to arrive at our office. You will then return to Afroz Burges DDS, PA to get the crown bonded to your tooth.

The dentist will ensure that the crown fits properly, using the laser to trim more of your natural tooth if necessary. Then, she will attach it using dental cement and harden the cement with a special UV light.

The crown is vital to the success of the root canal because it protects the tooth from breaking when you eat or chew food. 

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